In the digital age, the technology and operational infrastructure behind a business is fundamental to future success. Choosing our technology partners is a critically important decision for the long term and it is essential that our partners are aligned with our outlook.

    P1 Investment Services

    Five Horizons is a trading name of P1 Investment Services Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. P1 provides us with the infrastructure we need and allows us to focus on investing our client’s money.

    • Regulatory oversight and compliance monitoring
    • Membership of the investment committee and access to research
    • Quarterly committee meetings sharing exchange of ideas with the P1 team and other member firms
    • Increased bargaining power to gain access to cheaper fund share classes
    • Access to an award winning Ethical & Sustainable investment service which includes an external Ethical Oversight Committee

    My years in the industry have left me frustrated with the service offered by many firms due to their legacy technology. Advisers and clients are busy people. They want a modern investment service that is easy to use, easy to understand, with competitive fees.

    Five Horizons allows our investment managers to concentrate on what they do best, manage clients’ money.

    Daniel Minett / Founder

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